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Lawyer Teresa Ingrosso
Founder of Endless by Teresa Rome

The story

Originally from the city of Alessandria, near Valenza, the City of Gold par excellence, Teresa has always had an endemic link with the goldsmith's art.

Breathing the unmistakable air of art and charm that the world of precious items can give, she found herself drawing jewels since she was a child, gradually consolidating her own vision of what a jewel should represent.

The beginning of a bond between two people always brings something magical and evocative, just like the creation of a jewel.

It is from the desire to symbolize timeless Love, through an object capable of resisting passing fashions, an object without end, that springs the inspiration behind the name and brand "Endless by Teresa Roma."

A love and a passion, that for jewelry, that Teresa Ingrosso, owner of the brand, a lawyer by profession, has had since childhood and adolescence.

Our values

Handmade jewels

Inspired by classic and timeless lines, revisited in a modern and elegant way, Endless has always aimed to create iconic and unforgettable objects, at the same time adaptable to every age and femininity.
Designed to accompany the various stages and moments of life, the jewelry in the Endless Collections, all made with precious metals and top-quality gemstones, aim to tell of Love, goals achieved, desires, friendship, freedom and independence.

The main feature that makes each piece of jewellery special is the Made in Italy craftsmanship, the desire to follow in the footsteps of the centuries-old Italian goldsmith tradition. Endless relies exclusively on the experience of master craftsmen, with the aim of enhancing the details and making each piece a unique creation.
What Endless tries to convey with its Collection is that the authentic value of each jewel is not the economic one, but the one that brings each of us to be close to the people we love in the most beautiful moments of life.

Interview with Teresa Ingrosso

Published in Donna Jewel.

We are in the heart of Rome, on the Spanish Steps. We meet Teresa Ingrosso, a lawyer who decided to follow her passion for the world of precious and found her company Endless, from which the brand Endless by Teresa Roma was recently born. A woman who with determination gave life to her project founded on the values of authenticity, Made in Italy craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, elegance and emotion.

Teresa, how did your passion for the world of precious come about?
My passion for the world of precious was born when I was a child. Part of my family has Piedmontese origins, specifically from Alessandria. I spent my childhood there, and I have always breathed a passion for jewelry, seeing many of my friends follow a path of study in goldsmithing. I can therefore say that the art of goldsmithing is part of my roots. The passion then has always remained within me, and so I recently decided to start my own project, parallel to my career in the legal world.

What does jewelry mean to you?
To me, jewelry is love, passion and timeless beauty; it is an object that can resist passing fashions, thus an object without end, capable of going beyond the very passage of time. The jewelry of my brand is inspired by a classic style, which can be interpreted in a modern way, combining the taste and essence of several generations. All of our creations are carefully hand-finished, and made with precious metals and high-quality stones, celebrating the elegance of the wearer. However, it is not the material preciousness of the jewelry that determines its value, but its emotional value. Each piece of jewelry deeply represents the person who chose it and his or her person.

What are the distinctive values of Endless by Teresa Roma, and what do you want to convey through the brand?
The distinctive values of Endless by Teresa Roma are authenticity, Made in Italy craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, elegance and the emotional aspect of each piece of jewelry. The basis of my creations is always the desire to design a piece of jewelry that can accompany every woman in the various stages of life and in her most important moments, telling about love, goals achieved, desires, friendship, freedom, independence and motherhood.

Where are your collections produced? What connection do you have with the artisans who masterfully make Endless by Teresa Roma jewelry?
My collections are produced exclusively in Italy by hands of Italian goldsmith artisans who study every detail. I have a direct relationship with the goldsmith artisans who collaborate with me. I love listening to them and comparing notes with them. I highly esteem their craftsmanship and experience. In fact, the main feature that makes each piece of jewelry of my brand special is the Made in Italy craftsmanship and the desire to celebrate the centuries-old Italian goldsmith tradition.

How does the brand express the most intimate and personal dimension of your life?
All the collections are deeply connected to my intimacy, they are an integral part of me because they express my inspirations, my affections, my passions. Through my creations I express myself.

You will soon be launching your new collections Margherita and Ludovica. Would you like to tell us a little bit about them?
The Margherita collection is inspired by the name of my 10-year-old second daughter. Margherita is a name very dear to me, because that was also the name of my paternal grandmother. Who has never "flipped through" a daisy to "question" her about the correspondence of a love? "She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not..." Daisies in their language express positive meanings, related to the concept of truth, purity of soul, youthful innocence, beauty and candor.

The Ludovica collection is inspired by the name of my first 15-year-old daughter. Ludovica means "warrior," "valiant," "fighter." The jewelry in this collection is iconic, bold, and shiny, and represents the perfect marriage of refined design and the skilled hand of Vicenza artisans.

What is your inspiration for the upcoming collections?
Right now I am in the middle of the creative phase. I am envisioning creating a line with a strong character, with gemstones in bold colors. The name of the collection will definitely be a big name. You will find out more soon.

How do you imagine the woman who wears Endless by Teresa Roma jewelry?
I imagine that the jewelry of Endless by Teresa Roma is worn by an elegant, strong and determined woman who is committed to her career and taking care of herself, without giving up the privilege of being a mother. I imagine that, depending on the moment the woman is experiencing in her life, she always chooses the jewelry that best represents her by listening to herself and valuing herself.

How is the creativity of your brand linked to the beauty and culture of Rome, the eternal city?
The creativity of Endless by Teresa Roma is closely linked to the beauty of the eternal city for its timeless and timeless lines, the source of inspiration for the company name Endless, meaning "without end." In addition, I had the privilege of creating a collection, Sistine Chapel, dedicated to the Vatican Museums, within which it is now on display. We were inspired by the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel, which is admired by the whole world. Each creation is made unique by the beauty and history it represents.

You are a woman with a brilliant career behind you. In fact, in addition to being a designer and entrepreneur, you are a successful lawyer. How does your legal profession tie in with Endless by Teresa Roma?
I have a law degree from the faculty of Genoa and I also practice law. Endless by Teresa Roma represents my most creative, dreamiest soul. As Creator, I am responsible for developing the Collections and defining the vision and image of the brand. Of course it is not easy to combine both activities, but driven by passion I always try to give my best.

What is your advice for all women who wish to embark on a new career path?
To all women who, at any age, decide to follow their heart and embark on a new adventure, I advise them to never lose heart, and always believe in their dreams. It is essential to always have the courage to change paths, or to add a new path to one's professional life, as I did. I recommend not listening to the opinion of others but following only what makes us happy.

What is your teaching your daughters about their professional future? How do you pass on your passion for precious to them?
I often involve my daughters in the world of branding, I make them participants, and they get excited and passionate. Ludovica always tells me, "If I had to describe my mother, I would say she is brave." Margherita says she dreams of following my path when she grows up. What I teach them is that it is crucial to always follow your heart, and do only what you love, because only then will you give your all, fulfilling yourself professionally and as a person.

How do you envision the future of Endless by Teresa Roma? What is your dream in the drawer for the brand?
I am a dreamer par excellence, it is a characteristic that distinguishes me. So I want my brand to reach more and more women in the future, allowing them to identify with the valuables just as I do. My dream in the drawer is that my collections allow every woman who wears them to feel represented by my jewelry, its history and the values it represents.


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