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Jewellery care

Each piece of Endless by Teresa Roma jewelry is meant to be worn every day and on all occasions. That is why it does not require extraordinary maintenance, especially if it is handled and cleaned gently. Since it is a precious object, it is recommended to pay some simple attention.
It is normal for both silver and gold jewelry to lose its luster with use and time. The natural phenomenon of dulling, due to oxidation, is common to all precious alloy products and can be eliminated by professional cleaning if the stage of oxidation is advanced. We advise against any kind of do-it-yourself intervention, particularly in the case of the presence of precious stones, diamonds, enamel or leather. Professional intervention is also required to restore surface finishes such as rhodium plating or burnishing. Stones mounted on a piece of jewelry possess their own inherent delicacy, so even unintentional shocks could damage or break them, as well as thermal shocks. A good habit to preserve the brilliance of Endless by Teresa Roma jewelry is to store it in clean, dry places, away from heat sources.

Where can I turn for assistance?
If you have any questions or problems, you should contact Unless there are specific limitations, assistance is still guaranteed at any authorized Endless by Teresa Roma dealer in the world.
Also, for any information please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service .

How can I take care of my silver jewellery?
A piece of untreated natural silver jewellery, even if worn every day with care, only rarely requires extraordinary maintenance, especially if it is periodically cleaned gently and stored appropriately.
Normal daily use and external agents such as air humidity, temperature, pollution levels, contact with cosmetics and skin perspiration can contribute to reducing the brilliance of silver surfaces and altering the original appearance of the surface finishes on some models. Normal daily use and external influences such as air humidity, temperature, pollution levels, contact with cosmetics, and skin perspiration may contribute to a reduction in the lustre of silver surfaces and change the original appearance of the surface finishes on some models.
The phenomenon of reducing the lustre of silver and changing its appearance to darker, duller colours, scientifically known as 'tarnishing' and commonly referred to as oxidation, is widely known in metallurgy. The extent and speed of this phenomenon cannot be predicted because it depends on several factors.

My jewellery has come into contact with mercury. What can I do?
Mercury damage, caused for example by the accidental breakage of a thermometer, is the most serious type of damage that a piece of jewellery can suffer and in most cases it is unfortunately irreversible: mercury forms an amalgam with gold and the jewel is often no longer repairable. In order to restore the jewel to its original state, the mercury must first be removed. This can only be done using a highly toxic high-temperature process, as mercury vapours are extremely poisonous. At the end of the treatment, the surface of the jewel is very porous and can hardly be restored to its original appearance. The colour of the alloy also differs from the initial colour, as it is very difficult to completely remove the mercury.

Why has my white gold ring turned yellow?
Frequently, especially with pave setting, Endless by Teresa Roma white gold jewelry has a rhodium-plated surface finish that is typically cooler in tone. It can happen that over time, the luster of the rhodium plating treatment changes, leaving a warmer color, characteristic of the natural white gold alloy, to emerge. This phenomenon can be accelerated by reactions with external agents, but being superficial anyway, the treatment is easily restored by professional intervention.
Natural white gold jewelry may also tend to take on a warmer coloring. This is a phenomenon characteristic of white gold alloys and can be easily remedied by periodic cleaning.


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